New site, some history and plans

A little over a year ago Jami Vähäaho and a few other guys wanted to start a podcast about jailbreaking. I saw their post on the jailbreak subreddit and mentioned that I’d been on a similar podcast before and that I write tweak and app reviews on They had a great start and a lot of interested listeners, recording about 6 episodes before I came on.

After a few months I became the main host due to Jami taking a hiatus from the jailbreak community. I brought on William Vabrinskas, a tweak developer who created the popular tweak Boxy 2. He runs, a repository for his tweaks and a website where he posts about his projects.

William and I carried the podcast for a little while, interviewing developers like Philip Tennen and Andy Wiik among others. We quickly developed a rapport with each other and spoke like we had known each other for our entire lives. A few people mentioned that it felt as though they were listening to best friends talking about jailbreak stuff. Like a lot of things in life, things got away from us and we stopped making the time to record and work on the project. It fizzled out and seemingly nobody noticed, until now.

Jami and I recently began talking again and he mentioned rebooting Jailcast. He had just dusted off his old YouTube channel and started making some awesome tech reviews. A short time later he messaged me about a thread he made on reddit asking if there was interest in a reboot. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm there was nothing short of spectacular. In a short amount of time the team grew to almost 20 people and several others mentioned they were excited to give us a listen.

With all of their help, we have been able to accomplish a lot of the necessary steps for rebooting the project. We plan to expand the idea beyond just that of a podcast but for now we will stay true to our roots.

We are not professional audio engineers so please don’t expect perfection when it comes to the sound quality, but we will do our best to continue to improve the listening experience.

Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for whats to come!