Snapper 2: Enhanced iOS screenshot-taking (review)

Snapper 2

Everyone is familiar with taking screenshots in iOS. Simply press the home button and the power button at the same time to get an image of your screen. An image of the entire screen is automatically saved to your camera roll. However, you don’t have any control over what’s in the screenshot.

Snapper 2, by Jonathan Winger Lang is a sequel to Snapper. This tweak aims to correct the lack of customization for taking screenshots in iOS and gives you full customization over stock iOS screenshot taking. You snap the information you need, and you can share it, save it in the camera roll, or keep it pinned on the screen to see pertinent information that you need for a couple of seconds.

Snapper 2 is extremely easy to use. Once installed, it will automatically begin working. Simply trigger it with the normal Home + Power buttons combo you normally use with iOS. Press the button combination again to take a normal screenshot, or use your finger to crop a screenshot to a specific area of the screen instead. If you choose to crop a screenshot (snap), double tap on the snap to pin it to the screen. If you change your mind and don’t want to pin the snap to the screen, tap and hold on an area outside of the snap.

As shown in some of the images below, pinning a snap to the screen will keep the snap at the top of any app you are using. It’s handy for manually typing in a Cydia repo, comparing multiple items, and more. When you are finished, you can drag the snap towards the bottom of screen to have a few options appear. You’ll be able to close it, close it and save it to the Camera Roll, or you can open the native iOS sharing sheet to share it to your social media applications.

Earlier, the trigger method for Snapper 2 was mentioned. However, this can easily be changed in the preference panel for Snapper 2. Activator actions can be used to activate the tweak. On top of this, you can turn off the default trigger method, edit snap settings such as shadow and color, see snap statistics and history, and lots of other settings.

Overall, Snapper 2 is a well-rounded tweak that is a viable replacement for the stock iOS screenshot method. It is $1.49 for those that have purchased the predecessor, Snapper, and $2.49 for new users. It is available on the BigBoss repo. If you have already purchased this tweak, feel free to comment and share your experience with this tweak!

Click here to see the tweak depiction and to direct Cydia to the menu for Snapper 2, or find it on the BigBoss repo.

Below is a slideshow highlighting some features (created by the developer Jonathan Winger Lang).

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This is my first tweak review. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
– Erik


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