Treadmill: How far have you scrolled? (review)

Have you ever wanted to know how far you scroll every day? Treadmill, by Ryan Petrich, aims to do just that. Once you install and respring your device, it will automatically begin counting how much you scroll every day. It counts it in pixels. It will also count it in yards and miles, or meters and kilometers (dependent on your device’s settings). It’s as simple as installing it and checking it every day to see how far you’ve scrolled over time.

To check how far you’ve scrolled, head over to the Treadmill preference pane, located in the Settings app. There are no notifications, no battery drain, and no app added to the springboard. The tweak measures finger-on-screen swiping only. Swipe-and-release measuring isn’t implemented, and it is unknown if it will be implemented by the developer. This tweak also doesn’t have a measurement of how much you’ve scrolled from before the tweak installation.

Treadmill is a free tweak. It is available on Ryan Petrich’s repo. Click here to check out the tweak’s depiction, or to add the repo to Cydia if you don’t have it installed.

Have you already installed Treadmill? If so, what do you think about this fun tweak? Let me know in the comments below!


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