Funding survey

JailCast was started as a podcast for the jailbreak community and will continue to preserve that intention. We initially had a less than ideal hosting set up and no domain name. Nonetheless we received mostly positive feedback. Through no fault of our own or anyone else, life caught up with us and we shut the doors for a little while.

We are back now due to a few things lining up perfectly and the members having the resources to get it off of the ground again. We would like to stress that we currently have hosting and the domain name covered for at least the first year so we aren’t exactly begging for money to keep producing content.

However, it does take time and some effort to coordinate with at least two or three other people in that many timezones at the same time to record an episode. Time has value that no one can put a number on. Because of these reasons and more we would like to start looking at options for integrating a monetary strategy into the podcast and the site itself.

Since JailCast was born on the jailbreak subreddit and grew organically from seeds planted there, we would like to reach out and get your opinions on how we should go about this. The communities feedback is very important to us and since we plan on trying to at least have the site pay for itself, your opinions will be considered first and foremost when making our decision about this.


We are currently looking into a few different ways in which we can make this happen:

  • Ads on our site itself – we think an unobtrusive banner ad at the top and bottom wouldn’t be too bad and could indeed help pay for the hosting with enough growth.
  • Sponsored spots on the podcast – these would be similar to other podcasts where at some point during the show we’d take a break and do a shoutout to the products in specific. They would always be incredibly clear as to what was a sponsored section and just us chatting.
  • Donate button on the site – this one is a given in case someone is feeling particularly generous and wants to donate they could.
  • Crowdfunding – we are looking at Patreon, a service where people can make micro-donations to support artists and content creators every time they release a video. We like this because it’s not like Kickstarter or IndieGogo where we’d raise a bunch of money at once, although we’re not against that. It doesn’t seem to fit with us.


Thanks for your thoughts and please feel free to leave your comments in the section at the bottom of the survey and the comment section on the site or reddit.