What is JailCast?

JailCast is a podcast founded independently by jailbreakers for jailbreakers. It was born on the jailbreak subreddit and intended for that audience. It will be mostly assumed that listeners will already have an understanding of some of the concepts that will be covered. New jailbreakers shouldn’t be deterred but might find a bit of a learning curve.

Jami Vähäaho


Co-Founder of JailCast.

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Josh Pasholk

Josh's Headshot


Co-Founder of JailCast. Josh has been indirectly involved in the jailbreak community on and off since Evasi0n 7 dropped and has been jailbreaking his own devices since iOS 4. He enjoys natural foods, gardening, good people, bad jokes, cold air and hot coffee.



William Vabrinskas



William is a very dedicated software engineer. He started out his career first developing jailbreak tweaks and loved every minute of it. He has developed tweaks such as Boxy/Boxy 2, Return, and Sticky. He also has an iOS application available on the App Store called Shade: Real World Color Identifier. He really enjoys the everyday challenge of developing new software and the excitement of learning new things. He is always really excited to share what he has learned with other people and enjoys helping others who are willing to learn.




A high school student from California in the United States, he’s glad to be a part of the JailCast team. Erik does a lot of the backend administration that is required for JailCast to keep moving forward.