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How to listen to JailCast

We often get asked about how to listen to our podcast, enough that it might be a good idea to make it a bit easier to figure it out on our site. On this page, we’ll cover the different ways to listen as well as our preferred method. We used to be in iTunes but Apple pulled us due to jailbreak talk being against the terms of service.

It’s all good though, we won’t hold it against them. ;P

Ways to listen

  • Listen to us Live! – We are now recording all episodes live on our Discord server. You might have seen the widget on our front page but in case you didn’t you can use this link to join and listen live.
  • Podcast App – Add our RSS feed to your podcast app of choice. Note, you’ll have to copy the link and paste it manually. If you tap it your iPhone will try and open the News app. If you are new to podcasts or are looking for a new app, we recommend Overcast. It’s free and has a nice feature that takes out a lot of the silences that occurs often when podcasting.

Overcast: Podcast Player – Overcast Radio, LLC

  • Directly on our site – If you’d just like to listen to it in your browser then just visit a episode post and listen right in your browser, streaming or downloading is your choice.
  • Podcast Services – We are on a variety of podcast services including Google Play, TuneIn, and Stitcher. We applied for Spotify but never heard back. If you have any suggestions for new places for us to submit our podcast to drop us an email at jailcastteam@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in JailCast, our team really enjoys helping the community. If you have any comments or suggestions for us feel free to drop us a line on your preferred method below.

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