JailCast Is On Patreon

jailcast-desc-dark-logoThe team at JailCast has been wondering how we could implement something that would help us bring in a little money while offering something that might be worth people paying for. In this day and age where people want everything for free or crazy cheap, it’s hard for a small niche podcast like us to make any money.

We think Patreon could help solve this and allow us to devote more time to creating engaging content. We’re trying to find a sweet-spot with the reward tiers and what is offered. By becoming a patron you’re able to listen to our episodes as soon as a week early. All episodes as of now will be published to our site and regular RSS feed but we might do Patreon only content in the future.

Our reward tiers are as follows:

Patron – $1.00/mo

Official patrons help us bring informative and relevant content to the jailbreak community.

  • Listen to episodes early! We will be releasing episodes on our Patreon feed as early as five days before our regular release.
  • Get your comment featured! As long as it doesn’t push our content into the explicit category we will read and respond to your comment on air in the next episode.
  • Get a mention on the next episode after you become a patron and an acknowledgment on the show notes.

Guest Contributor – $3.00/mo

Get involved with the team by chatting in the Discord server and provide some input on the direction of the show.

  • Access to our Discord server to chat with the JailCast team!
  • Submit input on the direction of the show! When we’ve got questions, you’ll be one of the few that can answer through polls, plus all previous rewards.

Contributor – $5.00/mo

Have more say than guest contributors and get recognition on every episode as well as being able to come on the show once a month.

  • Get recognized on the show! Have your name read off in a thank you at the end of every episode as well as listed on our site as a contributor.
  • Be a guest on the show! Patrons of this level can be on the show once a month for a ten minute period to talk about what they love most about jailbreaking.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Co-Producer – $10.00/mo

Credited on every episode and in every show notes. They are truly helping JailCast achieve it’s mission of bringing the community a great podcast.

  • Co-Producer credit on every episode and show notes.
  • One ad a month on the show for one minute.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Sponsor – $25.00/mo

You believe in what JailCast is doing and perhaps have something to advertise that’s relevant to the listeners.

  • Become an official sponsor of two episodes a month. A JailCast member will read off a script for your product or service for one to three minutes or you can come on to talk about it for ten minutes.
  • Every month, you and a some of the JailCast team can hang out on a one on one video chat.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Premium Sponsor – $50.00/mo

Sponsor every episode and have a longer time slot for their advertisement.

  • A JailCast member will read off a script for your product or service for three to five minutes or you can come on to talk about it for ten minutes.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Producer – $100.00/mo

Help pay for the servers and equipment to produce JailCast on a weekly basis.

  • Special shoutouts at the beginning of every episode of JailCast.
  • All previous rewards.

Fanatic – $500.00/mo

Okay, seriously no one is going to be giving JailCast this much money every month, but if they do the team will do it’s best to make it worth their while. 😉

  • Become an grand uber sponsor: The team members of JailCast will do their best to contact one of their developer friends to have an audio call about a tweak that you’d like to see made. If it’s possible the developer will make it for you and you can choose the name. (If it’s not explicit)
  • All other rewards.

Our Patreon Page link can be found here.

We also have a PayPal link for our co-founder and primary host here if you’d like make a one time donation.