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The hosts of JailCast really messed up last episode and offended an important member of the community. They reach out and apologize for this and also attempt to correct some misinformation that they talked about involving the Apple firmware signing process. It was never their intention to incite the ire of anyone let alone someone who has contributed way more to the community in the past than they could ever hope to.

After that they cover a little bit of news including Apple intentionally bricking iPhone 6’s and iPhone 6 plus’s that have been repaired or modified by a third party, throwing an error 53. Apple has stated that this is a security concern related to TouchID hardware. The team shares their thoughts on this.

They cover a number of new tweaks that have come out and Josh reads a post from Reddit user /u/TomLube about the iOS BootChain. Check it out to get all the details!



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