JailCast - podcast logoSummary:

It was a panicked night for the JailCast team when they found that they’re site had gone down and listeners were reporting they couldn’t download our latest episode. They still haven’t figured out the exact reason why but they either already outgrew the constraints of hosting the podcast where the site is hosted or became a victim of a DDOS attack.

They also mention the loss of a legend in the Jailbreak scene who contributed much to the development of past jailbreaks with the iPhone Dev Team. A new team member from Hong Kong give some insight on the Chinese jailbreak scene on Weibo as well as mentioning some potential new players in the field.

The team also mentions a new service they recently joined called Anchor.fm, where listeners can participate with members of the community directly through mini audio messages. They will be experimenting with this in the coming weeks to see if it works for the listeners.

The team would like to extend an apology for anyone who wasn’t able to listen to episode 4. They will be looking at better free hosting solutions so mitigate this issue in the future. Eventually they will be getting on a professional podcast host once they can gain enough money through ads and donations to justify this.




You can follow the hosts of this episode on Twitter if you’d like: William @william_vab, Jami @jamieemeli, Aaro @rewolicious, Derek @MTAC8@chanxin and Josh @jpasholk. Also follow our team’s twitter @JailCast. Send us a tweet with #jailcast with any questions and we’ll cover them in the next episode if we can.