LaughingQuoll sits down with Josh to talk live about some recent and not so recent news and a live Q&A. He talks a little bit about TouchBar and Vigor as well as other projects he’s involved with. If you’d like to try TouchBar now, and join his beta, you can become a supporter on his Patreon page.

It’s $2.00 a month and comes with a decent amount of features, including access to a beta repo, Discord server, random perks along the way. They talk about a lot of other things but unfortunately due to time restraints, weren’t able to cover everything on this list.

Note: the audio quality is exceptionally worse than our normal content due to LQ using his AirPods to record with. We are always striving to bring the best audio quality that is possible with our skill level. As we have said in the past, we’re not professional audio engineers. We tried our best to preserve what we could, we hope the content itself can stand on it’s own and hope our listeners forgive us. 

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[News] Luca to speak “Look at Modern iOS Exploit Mitigation Techniques” in MOSEC 2017

[News] FAT 9.3.5 Blackhat Presentation Video Is UpFried-Apples-Jailbreak-Presentation-Slides

[Discussion] /r/Jailbreak Discord “Genius Bar” now live!

[Upcoming] Remote Cydia Impactor Proof Of Concept – Flavor scandal guy. (Sketchy IPA service)

Upcoming/ Beta:

[UPCOMING] TouchBar for iOS!

[UPCOMING] Vigor – Dynamic App Icons! However there is more to come…

[Upcoming] New Requested Call Bar comes from Wizages . – jailbreak

[beta] darkcc is ready to be tested!

[Upcoming]macOS Home Screen for iOS 10. Coming eventually…from AntiqueDev

[WIP] Sausage


[Update] Gandalf 2.5 – the app has been fixed, and a Discord server is now available!

[Update] Flash – Quick access to the flashlight when you need it

[Update] Reddit Enhanced Submitted to BigBoss + Updates

[Update] [Beta] My Music+ : Customize your iOS 10 Apple Music app experience! Multiple options to choose from with more on the way. Update includes customizable tab bar, 3 column album layout option, theme color choices + more!

Discussion Topics

[Question] Follow-Up questions after reading through the Jailbreak material

[Discussion] Well, guess it’s that time again… iOS 8 users being left in the dust 🙁

[Request] Tweak or Flex patch to bypass Chase (the bank) App’s minimum iOS version wall

[Question] Why is Yalu re-signing so often? – Extender Bug, Matt will fix in update.

[Discussion] PP Jailbreak Tutorial iOS 9.3.3 Semi- Untethered and

[Discussion] What is one tweak you can´t live without – that is NOT widely known?

Notable Mentions:
  1. VideoPlayerRotable – play videos in landscape with rotation lock on
  2. PrefDelete – Uninstall tweaks directly from settings
  3. TapController – let you to double tap to skip 15 seconds on any video system wide.
  4. Sonus Hud – like the YouTube App
  5. Exsto Nice – new folders control
  6. MusicMod – Clears the bullshit out of the music App
  7. NoBlur – Disables Blur systemwide
  8. Fuse – Nice new media interface on the lockscreen
  9. Mobius – Scroll infinity on the springboard (
  10. NetworkList – Lists all known networks (Wifi) with passwords if someone has logged into his Wifi, you’ve the key now.
  11. SwipeSelection Pro
  12. Keyboard Accio – Extremely useful if you use several languages in your keyboard, I cannot live without this one.
  13. Asphaleia X (iOS 10)
  14. Dim
  15. TapTapFlip
  16. WiiLoveMusic –
  17. Chirp – change lockscreen text
  18. Siliqua – AirPods Gestures and New Features
  19. Private Space – This gets rid of all the BS social stuff in menus and in settings. Removes all options in pop ups and makes settings app cleaner.
  20. Tage – Multitasking.
  21. Random Icon Flip – flips random icons

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