It’s a full house in this episode. The team sits down with Andy Wiik, the developer behind the iOS Blocks tweak dubbed ‘Curago’. Carlos Perez (CPDigitialDarkroom), who is creating a full biteSMS replacement. LaughingQuoll also returns to talk about TouchBar and Vigor.

They start off with everyone talking about the tweaks that they are working on currently before discussing some news, and recent events in the community.

A reddit user botcomking, posted a thread asking someone to explain jailbreak detection to a ‘five year old’. The guys have a lot to say about it, with detailed examples from popular apps like Snapchat. This starts off a Q&A session and they talk about a lot of other interesting topics, but you’ll just have to tune into the episode to hear it all.


  2. [QUESTION] ELI5 How do apps detect jailbreak?
  3. [DISCUSSION] A letter to the jailbreak community
  4. [discussion] we may see a jb for 10.3.1 after all, it’s at least some hopeful news from a reputable iOS security researcher. Save blobs!!
  5. [Discussion] Jailbreak from Adam Donenfel may be unthethered

Special Note: We’re 81.76% sure Andy was eating potato chips… Thanks Andy… Sorry listeners…

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