We’re back at it today with an episode live from the official jailbreak Discord server. Dennis and Josh talk about some recent news in the community as well as some tweak updates. Dennis laments about having to lose his jailbreak to his Apple Watch.



  1. [News] All of Intelliborns tweaks have been removed from cydia

Releases & Updates

  1. [Release] GIFRoll: GIFs in your Camera Roll, Free and Open Source
  2. [Update] BlueYalu Version 5.0 Released
  3. [Release] IOS 11 springy boot image
  4. Want watchOS-like notifications in iOS 10? Now there is a way
  5. NCLink10 helps you organise your Notification Centre
  6. ControlCenterXI brings the much requested iOS 11 Control Centre to iOS 10
  7. NotificationTester for iOS 10 lets you send test notifications on your device
  8. StyloPowerDown brings a much cleaner power down menu, inspired by LG
  9. This tweak brings a Windows 10-inspired lockscreen to jailbroken iOS
  10. [Update] Charge for jailbroken devices brings a new elegant charging view
  11. Pasithea by Cannathea dev team, gets an update for iOS 10

Interesting Links

  1. [Discussion] Layered parallax wallpaper created with LockHTML4
  2. [Tutorial] Make Emoji10 (iOS 10) works inside Snapchat with Phantom installed
  3. [Discussion] This Is Too Much. 😂

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